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Fully equipped to give you the best. Fully prepared to handle the worst.

We can’t say it enough: nothing is more important than completing your development or commercial projects as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To make that happen, we start with five company-owned cGMP pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities specifically outfitted to meet a full range of needs — from process development to manufacturing to analytical testing and storage — and customizable to handle specific requirements.

Just as important, we do everything we can to keep it all up and running — no matter what.

That means oversized back-up power generators, a validated building monitoring system with redundant alarms and integrated UPS technology. Redundant critical systems — including boilers, and condensers/vacuums for lyophilizers — that are routinely tested and fully integrated into a comprehensive preventive maintenance program. In-house equipment service expertise, on call 24/7, to maintain and repair all of our own equipment as needed. And the room to expand operations to ensure we can maintain and increase capacity for your projects.

So, it bears repeating: if you want to boost your odds of success, and reduce the chance of unforeseen slowdowns, put LSNE’s contract manufacturing facilities and systems to work for you.

LSNE Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities

LSNE-Bedford Commerce Drive LSNE-Bedford Harvey Road LSNE-Manchester Sundial LSNE-Madison LSNE-León
Process Development
Aseptic Fill/Finish for Clinical Material
Aseptic Fill/Finish for Commercial Material
Aseptic Lyophilization
Aseptic Formulation
Medical Device Manufacturing
Non-Aseptic Fill/Finish
Bulk Lyophilization
FDA Inspected