León, Spain

LSNE’s second major acquisition brought on our fourth aseptic fill finish facility. LSNE- León further expands LSNE’s sterile filling capabilities to now include pre-filled syringes and dropper bottles and offers additional capacity for liquid and lyophilized vial presentations. LSNE-León established LSNE’s footprint in Europe and focuses on manufacturing both clinical and commercial

aseptic fill finish and lyophilization facility in Leon, Spain


Clinical and Commercial Manufacturing facility in Leon Spain.

Clinical and Commercial Manufacturing Facility

Parque Tecnológico de León
C/ Nicostrato Vela s/n
24009 León, Spain


  • Acquired in 2019
  • First commercial approval in 2019 for ANDA drug product
  • Drug product manufacturing of small molecules, biologics, steroids, and hormones
  • Batch sizes up to 60,000 units (vials/syringes/dropper bottles)
  • FDA & EU commercial products
  • Formulation volumes up to 400 L; custom configurations available
  • On-site WFI production
  • Full development and reverse engineering of generic injectable products
  • Complex formulation for emulsions and suspension
  • Peristaltic pump for low shear product transfer and filtration of sensitive products
leon facility