Manufacturing Line for Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

An Integrated Approach to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Choosing a reliable partner is critical to the success of the product you are developing. As the recognized leader in lyophilization and pharmaceutical contract manufacturing, your valuable API is in the hands of experts that will oversee the production of your drug product. We understand what the products we manufacture mean to the patients that depend on them.

LSNE Doesn’t Just Promise. We Deliver.

Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing for Aseptic Fill Finish & Lyophilization

LSNE provides comprehensive sterile fill finish services for clinical and commercial supply.  Our aseptic contract manufacturing capabilities include filling solutions, emulsions, and suspensions in vials, pre-filled syringes and dropper bottles, and our aseptic freeze-dryers are designed with redundancy in mind to increase reliability for every lot of your previous drug product that goes through LSNE’s pharmaceutical contract manufacturing process.

Aseptically filled vials prepared in trays for lyophilization

Bulk Lyophilization

With more than 20 years of experience in freeze-drying bulk products, LSNE can handle small and large-scale bulk lyophilization, harvesting, and packaging of your medical device, drug intermediate or API. We are experts in pharmaceutical contract manufacturing.

lyophilization contract manufacturing technician loading a bulk lyophilizer

Complex Formulation

If your product cannot be sterile filtered or terminally sterilized, LSNE’s dedicated ISO 5 or Grade A aseptic formulation suites may be a solution for your challenging formulation process.  Our highly skilled engineers will work diligently to fully understand your complex parenteral formulation, critical timelines, and then will develop a unique program and scale-up process for you to take your customized formulation from the bench to GMP.

Complex formulation testing by scientist

Non-Aseptic Fill Finish & Lyophilization

LSNE specializes in commercial production of diagnostics, collagen/biomaterial sponges, resorbable implants, wound healing and tissue engineering applications, and more. Efficient technology transfers and rapid batch release allow for a streamlined pathway to commercialization.

Lyophilizer prepared for batch