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Packaging / Storage

Packaging & Storage

LSNE can manage your packaging and labeling needs, from non-blinded clinical packaging and labeling, to kitting, to cold storage for longer-term storage requirements.

  • Ink Jetting
  • Vial Labeling
  • Kitting
  • Storage

With our expanding services, and complete formulation and lyophilization offering, LSNE is the ideal full-service contract packaging and storage partner — one who can simplify and streamline every step in the process, and reduce headaches that come with multiple vendors and multi-step cold chains.

We have the well-equipped facilities, well-established SOPs and experience to handle controlled storage of critical contract packaging assets — including bulk drug substance and finished drug product — to your precise specifications.

Everything is stored in validated chambers with redundant refrigeration systems, redundant data acquisition and full back-up power sources. It’s all continuously monitored, and we have in-house maintenance support on-site and on-call 24 hours a day.

We make sure you can get your material when you need it, with fast, secure and carefully monitored shipment at the proper temperature.

  • Storage temperatures from -80° to 25°C
  • Bulk and individual vial labeling
  • Ink-jetting on crimp seals
  • Labeling of frozen product
  • Customized storage kitting and packaging options