Aseptic Fill Finish Operator for injectable drug product

Working with LSNE - A Premier Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization

LSNE is proud to have been a partner to so many of our client’s successes and ultimate journey to market. We are a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization that begins every project whether development or aseptic fill finish and lyophilization with an in-depth Kickoff meeting between you and all our functional teams. This facilitates open communication and a deep understanding of your project that allows for a truly collaborative approach, to meet your critical milestones.

A CDMO with passion for your success.

We are a global CDMO with a proven track record of delivering on our promises, and helping our clients succeed in bringing innovative solutions into the clinic and onto the commercial market.

We take your success personally.

Seeing Your Product Come to Life

We believe in the importance of face-to-face meetings and establishing strong relationships with our clients for long-term success. To further facilitate a collaborative approach to aseptic contract manufacturing, our facilities are designed to accommodate a person-in-plant during your manufacturing runs. We encourage you to be on-site during your project and see every step of the manufacturing process. While onsite, you will be hosted by Project Management to ensure clear communication in real-time between you and our operations and quality teams.

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It all starts with Project Management.

Your CDMO Project Manager will be with you every step of the way to provide streamlined communication with our subject matter experts to diligently map out the journey from development through production and final release of your drug product.

LSNE Project Managers bring together subject matter experts to address a complex aseptic formulation and lyophilization project.

Seamless Technology Transfer

Your Project Manager has industry experience and understands the complexity of the supply chain you are managing. Our philosophy starts with strong customer service which means you can count on our responsiveness to get important information when you need it. Our Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization focuses on providing personalized attention, so we can meet your timelines and exceed your expectations.

LSNE Project Management works in unison with our Process Development and Technical Operations teams to provide individualized support and guidance to each of our clients throughout the technology transfer process.

Making Communication Easier

We have the electronic systems in place to allow for effortless communication between our internal teams as well as with our clients and their teams. No matter how small or large your teams may be, or if you are juggling multiple locations or time zones, we have the tools to make communication secure and easy.

CDMO Proposal Process

Are you considering outsourcing the manufacture of your liquid or lyophilized drug product or medical device  to a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization, but don’t know where to start? Start here.

Contact us to get in touch with an experienced Business Development representative that will evaluate and qualify your project and guide you through the proposal process.  We take a collaborative approach to developing every proposal to ensure we have the necessary technical capabilities to fully support the manufacturing process, and your timelines.  We know what questions to ask which will lead to an accurate custom-tailored proposal for your project.

To learn how easy it is to work with us, visit our Resources page to access our video library and technical downloads.

We Want To Help You Succeed

Let us support you getting your product to patients in need with comprehensive clinical and commercial manufacturing services.