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Guardian Stories

We stand behind our company’s values and uphold strong moral principles and consistently demonstrate respect and integrity. LSNE Guardians are proactive, protective, trustworthy and accountable to each other, our clients and the thousands of patients we impact every year.

Adolfo Aranda Maintenance Technician – LSNE-Madison

“I really like that LSNE is growing quickly and everyone is working together for the common goal.”

Adolfo was looking for an opportunity to relocate to be closer to his family when he came across an open position at LSNE-Madison. Utilizing his previous experience with lyophilization technologies, he brings additional depth to our staff. Priding ourselves on the ability to fix equipment quickly and keep service in-house, Adolfo has played a crucial role in optimizing the lyophilizer’s hydraulics systems in order to keep our manufacturing equipment in working order and meeting our client’s deadlines.

Guardian Attribute: Proactive

Adolfo Aranda, Maintenance Technician

Ivanka Grgic Manufacturing Technician IV – LSNE-Manchester

“My favorite part of working at LSNE is the people. LSNE is my second family.”

Ivanka has been with LSNE for over 17 years and works at our Sundial facility located in Manchester, NH.  As a veteran employee, Ivanka is a strong asset to LSNE’s Operations team as a Lead Technician. She has been recognized for her efforts to improve overall operations and is responsible for training new technicians on LSNE’s systems and procedures.  Over the years she’s seen the progression and globalization of LSNE while remarking that the company still keeps a community feel.

Guardian Attribute: Dependable

Javier Calles Process Development Technician – LSNE-León

“Since becoming part of LSNE more people are interested in coming to join us and sharing in our mission. LSNE’s leadership is spending time on-site to support our growth with new capacities and capabilities. This brings clients knocking at our door with challenging projects. And the best part is that this is just the beginning.”

As a young researcher, Javier made his way to Spain to take part in ophthalmic research. His background and expertise make him a perfect fit for the growing demands of LSNE-León. Since the acquisition, he continues to see positive change happening within the organization and he along with his colleagues continue to rise to the occasion and bring innovative solutions to complex projects.

Guardian Attribute: Trustworthy

Javier Calles LSNE

Donna Comeau Planner – LSNE-Bedford

“I love that our organization is part of the production of so many therapies that help people with their illnesses.”

One of the greatest challenges of the CDMO industry is the demanding timelines for production. Donna started at LSNE over 4 years ago and optimized our schedule to best utilize manufacturing capacity and meet client timelines. Recently, LSNE was asked to put a project on the production schedule to help with the COVID-19 pandemic.  With only a two-and-a-half-week window, Donna worked diligently to schedule this vital project and see it through to production with little to no impact to existing customers.

Guardian Attribute: Proactive

Donna Comeau LSNE

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